Funny how most or all my post have to do with change, well it’s inevitable. We can’t help the things that change around us; we can however change the way it affects us as a person and our response to its diversity.

Let me reflect on the business aspects of my life instead of family or friends for once. I am in a stage in my life where I feel the need for transformation in my career which will effect my self worth. I need to feel and see that  there is a bright light beyond and I don’t feel that right now. I’m sure that can be spiritually or just a feeling of content. I’m feeling neither right now. What does that exactly mean to me? I’m looking for not the norm, challenges, stability and camaraderie in my next adventure.

Now, it’s time to get focused and back on the bull to take control once again. It’s NEVER too late to start if it be today or tomorrow. I’ve set goals and updated my vision board which, reflect the things that are going to be done that make me HAPPY! Very common things such as pay off debit, rebuild my savings and allocate for a home again. Pictures of the things I envision in my life once again or new possessions to share.

Planning is crucial in all aspects of growth in life. I’m sure I’m not the only person with these similar goals. What needs to be done emotionally, you have to have the vitality to keep moving forward with positive goals with whatever obstacles that gets in the way. You have to find the means to balance your life with budgeting and realistic expectation of how to maintain your life style. We are the only ones who can make our destiny be what you want it to be with confidence and smart decisions the earlier in life the better. If it be in business, relationships, love, life etc… it’s all up to us as individuals.

Education; continual learning will keep up the intellect skills needed for what drives us. We are never too old to learn if it be professionally or spiritually. Find the balance in your life if it be between school, work, family, friends and health try to find the symmetry.  It’s important to gain a nest egg for your future to be comfortable so make wise choices.

Much love and happiness


Isn’t that something you do at the beginning of the year? I think that’s called New Years Resolution more like. Goals can be done anytime of the year of course. Ideally, I think one would want to start at the beginning of the year but it doesn’t really matter your preference. I am learning that making goals is very important to being successful in life. It is a difficult task for some because it makes you accountable for yourself. My opinion of course that if you can be responsible for your actions than you CAN be successful in the things you set out to accomplish which is anything! This picture to me symbolizes strength and determination as these rays find their way through the thick clouds.

I’ve been reading books about setting goals which include; surround yourself with successful people, focus on one thing, visual pictures of what you want and explanations to a balanced life. If you think about it, WOW these aren’t that difficult to accomplish if you set your mind to it and it’s mostly common sense one would think? I actually have experiencedphoto (1) really positive results when I’ve focused on the things I wanted repeatedly . I definitely need to revisit those times in my life and find that determination once again which worked for me! I so believe we all have it in us to be successful in LIFE, if it be for work, joys, love etc.. we just need to want it bad enough! You hear it all the time successful people are driven and when you are driven you most certainly achieve greater things. You have to visualize your goals if it be a material object or objective, do it and be clear in your mind of your intention and plan. Why is it so easy to say and so hard to do? I think it’s human nature for some of us to give up when things seem so out of our reach. I am certainly human and need to remind myself of the things I want especially when it could make me happier! Believe in BIG goals and you will achieve them. You just have to discipline yourself again and again visually or mentally your aim and you will have a larger success rate than not doing these exercises or reminders of the important things you want out of your life.

Best of luck, I hope this blog can help you in some way because I will be working on finding my strength in the things I want and love once again. Who doesn’t want to be happier! : )

Much love,

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