Unpredictable changes in life

This is a picture of how unpredictable the weather can be just as life. It brings unexpected change into our lives may it be bothersome or pleasant.

I’ve experienced some awful health problems and death in the closest people to me and conquer through the pain and anguish. I wish no one has to encounter such sadness but unfortunately it’ s life. It is a learning experience we all have to endure with time. Sadly we all deal with unexpected emotional circumstances differently.

I hope what ever it is that one has to face, my advice is be strong for the other person no matter what the situation is. NO ONE should ever give up until they have no choice! The strength of love, god and support usually prevails, believe me when I say this.

Be open with family, friends and or through therapist. It helps no one to keep such anguish and pain inside. Communication is the key and will eventually make life a little more bearable knowing that your loved one has recovered and or gone to a better place.

Be strong and god bless!

Much love!

Energy of Sunflowers

Enjoy looking at this amazing sunflower, I was lucky to have grown. I was bewildered by it’s uniqueness and beauty. I mean how often are we blessed with such a lovely sight of a “RED” sunflower that is usually yellow, not I.¬†Have you ever seen a sad looking sunflower, I don’t think I ever have!

In my eyes everything has beauty, it’s just not visible to everyone. Funny how this specific flower only thrives in the ¬†summer. I think that’s what makes it so lovable and remarkable; the fact that it is driven to grow in the warm brightness of the sun. I know it makes me more cheery, energetic and full of life when it’s a sunny day!

We should all enjoy our surroundings if it be admiring or sniffing a one of a kind flower or a bundle of the same flowers.

Earth laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. RWE

Much love!

Expectations of Spring

I can’t believe it’s already going to be Easter this Sunday. I heard the weather is supposed to be warmer than usual but what a complainer I am “REALLY” living in San Diego! I’m actually headed up North/East to Murrieta where some of the retired people end up living because of the warmth. Do you blame them it’s supposed to be 81 degrees this Sunday! The ability to dress up in summer dresses and or comfortable clothes is a huge plus especially going to church on this special Sunday.

I think the sun brings out the best in some people; the warmth, the bright sunshine just makes ME of all people very agreeable, cheerful, lovable and so on!

Have a Happy Easter and those celebrating Spring break! I hope you all will be able to spend it with your loved one’s and or best of friends!

Much love!