Hi my name is Bessie Phillips but preferred to be called “Bess.”

I’ve proud to say that I am a “Native Californian” even though I wasn’t born here, I’ve been happily living in San Diego since I was 7 years old. I’ve enjoyed living coastal for quite some time now and love the salt water smell immensely!

I try to spend time with my family and friends frequently. I ride my beach cruiser when the weather permits.

My joys are cooking, gardening with veggies and or beautiful flowers; reading Feng Shui, Self Help, Financial and Educational books, articles and blog; taking scenic photos and socializing. I also enjoy traveling, just not as often as I wish. Not necessarily in that order.

I miss my dogs RIP Maximus and Zeus! Maximus was a beautiful chocolate lab, the love of my life. Zeus the step child that grows on you and makes your heart smile with joy with their mischief.


Overall, I’m a pretty grounded person. Most importantly, I love to LAUGH & SMILE!

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