Isn’t that something you do at the beginning of the year? I think that’s called New Years Resolution more like. Goals can be done anytime of the year of course. Ideally, I think one would want to start at the beginning of the year but it doesn’t really matter your preference. I am learning that making goals is very important to being successful in life. It is a difficult task for some because it makes you accountable for yourself. My opinion of course that if you can be responsible for your actions than you CAN be successful in the things you set out to accomplish which is anything! This picture to me symbolizes strength and determination as these rays find their way through the thick clouds.

I’ve been reading books about setting goals which include; surround yourself with successful people, focus on one thing, visual pictures of what you want and explanations to a balanced life. If you think about it, WOW these aren’t that difficult to accomplish if you set your mind to it and it’s mostly common sense one would think? I actually have experiencedphoto (1) really positive results when I’ve focused on the things I wanted repeatedly . I definitely need to revisit those times in my life and find that determination once again which worked for me! I so believe we all have it in us to be successful in LIFE, if it be for work, joys, love etc.. we just need to want it bad enough! You hear it all the time successful people are driven and when you are driven you most certainly achieve greater things. You have to visualize your goals if it be a material object or objective, do it and be clear in your mind of your intention and plan. Why is it so easy to say and so hard to do? I think it’s human nature for some of us to give up when things seem so out of our reach. I am certainly human and need to remind myself of the things I want especially when it could make me happier! Believe in BIG goals and you will achieve them. You just have to discipline yourself again and again visually or mentally your aim and you will have a larger success rate than not doing these exercises or reminders of the important things you want out of your life.

Best of luck, I hope this blog can help you in some way because I will be working on finding my strength in the things I want and love once again. Who doesn’t want to be happier! : )

Much love,

The New Year!

IMG00084-20101208-1446It’s 2013, I had to rewrite this blog for the second time becaue I knew that everything I was saying was a repeat of last year. I want this year to be so different and so much more positive and influential that everyone can feel my energy.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year filled with Happiness, Love, Friendship, Good Health and Success. If it be more money or just enough to make you happy, so be it. 

I think that every year that passes, is a learning venture for us all. I believe we can not prevail in life without some kind of pain or joy! Let there be light in your life this year, as I captured in this picture taken off of Hogans in La Jolla. 

As we get older and I hope wiser, we start observing the people around us and how they can or cannot effect our lives. It is our choice who we choose to be around and no other, even family. I believe if we want to be better people, we will surround ourselves with positive people. The certain kind that make us smile, learn from and look up to. The individuals that we want to share our thoughts and beliefs with no judgement. I wish this upon eveyone, I think we would all see life in a different light. Life is short and believe me it’s NOT worth it not being gratified with our surroundings and ourself!

I see this year as being a very fullfilling year. It has to start with us and our decisions to move forward no matter what we have experienced in the past or present. For those of you who have been blessed with no negativity that is outstanding, continue to be happy and smile as often as you can. As for the rest of us…..it’s a New Year set your goals high, accomplish them and things will go your way. You just have to be strong enough to move forward and make a change NOW. Peace, love and happiness be with you all!

Much love

Happy Holidays!

photoThe holidays brings out love, joy and togetherness. I hope everyone is having the privilege of spending time with loved ones! I have been very overwhelmed with so many thoughts of what next year will bring and haven’t been focusing too much on the Xmas spirit. YES shame on me, I know! I just figure I have next year to make up for it.

I was pleasantly surprised when a generous friend of mine sent me roses out of the thoughtfulness of his heart. I guess people just don’t send flowers for apologies or special occasions any more which is a wonderful change. It definitely put a smile on my face and made me feel loved. To my special friend “thank you so very much, it means a lot to me!”

I do have a lot to be grateful for this time of year, my health, good friends, a great place to live to prepare for next years goals which will bring a new perspective on my life and the people around me. I look forward to next Christmas, it will be filled with more love, more joy and togetherness for sure! I wish you all a warm holiday season with all the hugs and kisses you all can endure!

Much love,


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We should all be so thankful for the family and friends we have!

A dear friend of mine who is a sister to me who had a cancerous tumor a size of a golf ball removed from her neck at Scripps Mercy Hospital where this picture was taken. I never realized how trivial my problems are compared to what she has had to endure in the hospital these last two weeks. She wasn’t able to enjoy all the turkey festivities as I’m sure most of us did. She is better now through some therapy I’m sure she will be as good as new! I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life is what I’ve realized, I love you Trac! I am just happy to be able to be with her when I can and make sure she knows I am here for her always. Please count your blessings everyday, be grateful for your life and friends.

As I look through out this year there have been a lot of changes but change is good, it’s never going to stop but how we handle these changes say’s a lot about our character!  It also set’s a statue of how people see us as a person. I have been very blessed this year to find out what friendship means and learn that true friends are always there to help each other through thick and thin. A friend never turns there back on you NEVER and that is why you can call them a true FRIEND.

If you can count your true friends on one hand you are a lucky person!

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
Elbert Hubbard

Much love,

Happy Labor Day!

What an amazing Labor Day weekend! The sun was shining and people were out and about having fun. What else could we ask for on a three-day weekend. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as you could!

If you had to work, at least you’re putting money in your pocket which is a good thing in this economy. Be proud of yourself.

So this is the last official weekend before school starts for a lot of you. I wouldn’t be to bummed, I don’t think the weather is going to change much and you can still try to enjoy it during the weekends.

I’m just happy we didn’t have the June gloom all summer like we did a couple of years ago, does anyone remember?

Let’s make the most of our free time, go out and appreciate mother nature. Fall is right around the corner!  Even though, I don’t think this fall or winter will be very cold this year but what do I know the weather is very unpredictable at times and I’m no Meteorologist.

I think we should just all be grateful that we have the splendid sunshine when we do, right!

I’m looking forward to Halloween, till my next Blog……

Much love,

Humid summer days!

Wow this has been a HOT few weeks! The Santa Ana’s have been bringing dry air to the coast which is making it so muggy and humid! I’m not complaining just not used to sweating without exercising! It does give me an excuse to try to stay cool with a dip at someone’s pool with a cold beer and or just hanging out in an air conditioning room. I would love to jump into the ocean which I’ve been meaning to do but keep putting off.

The bike rides are nice during the evenings even though it doesn’t seem to be that much cooler, at least you have the slight breeze blowing through your hair as you coast down the hill and occasional whisk of air on the boardwalk.

I’ve also been meaning to take a walk down to the ocean to swim my dogs which they would love. I tried last week taking them to dog beach in Ocean Beach but OMG bad idea on a SAT, I will never do that again! I forgot how crazy busy it get’s, seeing I never try to leave Pacific Beach on the weekends.

Well enjoy your weekend everyone and try to stay cool one way or another!

Much love

Loving Summer in San Diego!

Another gorgeous evening in Pacific Beach! How I enjoy the long days which leaves more time to take pleasure in the sun and spending more time outside than in.

The warmth and smell of summer makes not only ME but I think most people happier and willing to motivate. How about family BBQ’s., nice picnic with  loved ones, stroll on the beach, bike rides, surfing, paddle boarding, flying a kite, sailing and or just simply lounging in this great city we live in!

You can tell I love living here! I think ever since I’ve lived at the beach I’ve enjoyed my life so much more. I’m speaking for myself and no other.

For those who are San Diegans, continue to enjoy your liveliness in this blessed city. I’d rather not be any where else and for those who are here for a visit please admire everything it has to offer and more. The people are very friendly here.

Much love!

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