Humid summer days!

Wow this has been a HOT few weeks! The Santa Ana’s have been bringing dry air to the coast which is making it so muggy and humid! I’m not complaining just not used to sweating without exercising! It does give me an excuse to try to stay cool with a dip at someone’s pool with a cold beer and or just hanging out in an air conditioning room. I would love to jump into the ocean which I’ve been meaning to do but keep putting off.

The bike rides are nice during the evenings even though it doesn’t seem to be that much cooler, at least you have the slight breeze blowing through your hair as you coast down the hill and occasional whisk of air on the boardwalk.

I’ve also been meaning to take a walk down to the ocean to swim my dogs which they would love. I tried last week taking them to dog beach in Ocean Beach but OMG bad idea on a SAT, I will never do that again! I forgot how crazy busy it get’s, seeing I never try to leave Pacific Beach on the weekends.

Well enjoy your weekend everyone and try to stay cool one way or another!

Much love


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