My Journey for 2011

Okay here it goes, my first official blog. I’ve been debating on what I should say and thought I would talk about what I’ve felt through out this year without hopefully being to dull.

It’s been a very meaningful year for me full of emotional surprises such as enjoyment and sadness; tragedy and luck; contentedness and regrets; love and dislikes. I survived through it all with the help of loved ones and self preservation which has made me a stronger and better person. Life does have its ups and downs but only you can make the most of it.

Family means the world to me and I hope everyone could enjoy the love I have experienced so far if it be with family, good friend and or that significant other. My advice is, do not take people for granted, love with all your heart and do not hold grudges! Women I actually think stress causes gray hair, lol!

As I look at this beautiful picture I took off of Pacific Beach board walk, it reminds me of that old saying “There is a silver lining around every cloud”. Live today like there is no tomorrow.

Oh and for goodness sake… smile big and more often!!

Truth and Love


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