Hope on the Horizon!

January 2012 the New Year. I wanted to take off running but had jet lag from the holidays hence this blog being two and a half weeks behind. No rush I knew I would be getting my mojo back just had to recover with some sleep and no alcoholic beverages!

The weather has been amazingly warm for winter and I actually was in shorts for a few days last week. I’ve already started walking the board walk with my girlfriend to get back into shape for our two piece bathing suits this spring break. Oh and maybe learning how to surf, that would be awesome!! I’m going to try to improve my eating habits and more yoga. Yes, I know that’s not gonna be enough. I plan on hitting the gym and making more of a habit to get on my bike to ride in the evenings which is NEVER a disappointment in PB just look at the sunset!!

The quest for a job is still in the works. I’ve started pounding the internet to get my resume posted in as many job opportunities I see suitable. I have a good feeling about this year over all not just in my pursuit for employment but life in general. Despite some obstacles I’ve been healthy and waking up with a smile on my face which, is a great feeling!

Here to GREAT feelings and too the New Year!

Much love,


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