Let there be LOVE and JOY!

I bought a Douglas Fir Christmas tree early this year because I was feeling festive and warm. I just love the scent of a new tree in my living room, don’t we all!! We bought some cinnamon pine cones which smell delicious to add to the holiday spirit.
I was so excited bringing the tree home to hang ornaments and Christimas lights because when it all came together it is so amazingly beautiful! The gifts won’t be as abundance under the tree as last but the feeling of love, excitement and happiness still fill my heart the same.

This year has been different in many ways for me but joyous by finding love in different people I’ve known or just met! I want to wish the best of luck for those in need of shelter, food and work its been a difficult year. My prayers are out to you all at this time of need!

As I mentioned in my previous tweet, “Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong-sometimes it’s letting go.” I am letting go of this year and look forward to next with open arms; hoping to bring more pleasure into my life, career opportunity and continued good health! Oh and prosperity, maybe a money tree from Old Saint Nic would be wonderful gift, he he!

Let’s spread the holiday cheer, hug and tell the people you care about how much they mean to you this time of year!!

Merry Christmas!

Truth and Love,


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