Loving Summer in San Diego!

Another gorgeous evening in Pacific Beach! How I enjoy the long days which leaves more time to take pleasure in the sun and spending more time outside than in.

The warmth and smell of summer makes not only ME but I think most people happier and willing to motivate. How about family BBQ’s., nice picnic with  loved ones, stroll on the beach, bike rides, surfing, paddle boarding, flying a kite, sailing and or just simply lounging in this great city we live in!

You can tell I love living here! I think ever since I’ve lived at the beach I’ve enjoyed my life so much more. I’m speaking for myself and no other.

For those who are San Diegans, continue to enjoy your liveliness in this blessed city. I’d rather not be any where else and for those who are here for a visit please admire everything it has to offer and more. The people are very friendly here.

Much love!


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