Pearl-Habara Farms, Inc.

June 5, 2012

To; whom it may concern,

Stanislaus County Farm Bureau

Ron Peterson

Wayne Zìpser
Executive Manager

This is a letter of recommendation for Bess Phillips who I worked with
for over ten years managing a large almond production operation in
Denair California. I am a third generation farmer from the Central Valley
and have worked in countless situations throughout my career. At the
Denair operation, Ms. Phillips handled administrative and technical issues
and I handled day to day in the field operations. Bess was very easy to
work with. In fact, of all my years Working with different individuals, I
have never worked with someone who had Such a great talent at solving
problems in an efficient and calm matter.

Ms. Phillips has a diverse knowledge of the business world. She quickly
became familiar with how agribusiness Worked and became a proficient
partner in our operations. Bess has shown composure and leadership
through crucial times in her career.

Ms. Phillips did what it took to get the job done. Her on the
many issues regarding employees, such as; employee training, safety
training, injuries, payroll management, equipment maintenance and
acquisition, and purchase orders, saved the company an untold amount of money and was beyond reproach.

I personally, highly œcomrhend Bess Phillips for any position in your company.

1201 L Street
Modesto, CA 95354
Phone: (209) 522-7278
Fax: (209) 521-9938

Wayne Zìpser

Executive Manager
Stanislaus County Farm Bureau

Serving Agriculture Since 1914


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